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Life After Enroute

Moving On





Consider ways of paying your experience in En/Route forward as you continue your college career. 



"Through of my experience that first year I learned not only how to take college classes and to organize a shopping list, but most importantly I learned how service is a value I must incorporate throughout my life."

--Kristen Coffey

“Before this En/Route class, I walked around aimlessly a lot of the time. Finding purpose and passion is a beautiful thing, and just one small opening in your heart allows for a floodgate compassion and movement.”

--Michaela Dexter

3333 Regis Boulevard | Denver, CO 80221

As you contemplate moving forward at Regis (specifically) and in college (more generally), consider the following opportunities for continuing the En/Route work you've started this year.


The Center for Service Learning offers a number of volunteer opportunities, and Engaged Scholar-Activists can assist you in discerning an opportunity right for you. For help, inquire at the Center for Service Learning in Loyola 30.


Engaged Scholar Activist (ESA)

Apply to work as an Engaged Scholar-Activist in the Center for Service Learning. Learn more about the ESA Program at this webpage


Romero House (RoHo)

RoHo is an intentional community focused on service, issues of faith and spirituality, and simplicity. More information about Romero House is available here.


Service Immersion Trips 

Participate in Service Immersion Trips over Mid-Semester (fall) Break or Spring Break. Live with and learn from people in Fort Morgan, Colorado (close to home), or in the Dominican Republic (further from home). These trips are sponsored by the Regis College Center for Service Learning. Contact your Engaged-Scholar Activist or the Center for Service Learning for more information. 

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Affinity Group

Join an Affinity Group on campus and continue the exploration of social justice issues at Regis. These groups include the Asian Student Alliance, Black Student Alliance, Queer Student Alliance, SOMOS, and more!  



Participate as a member of RUSGA (Regis University's Student Government Association).

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