Our Partners

Our community partners are the backbone of Enroute. This is your opportunity to dive into the learning process.

Please CLICK ON the service site icons at the bottom of the page for more information on their organizations.


COVID-19 Update: Due to Covid, service sites will be able to accept a limited number of volunteers. The number of students a site can accept will be listed in the "How You Can Serve" section of the site's information page below.  

  • Community organizing 

  • Community Advocacy

  • Nursing 

  • Migrant Outreach 

  • Teen pregnancy

  • Education

  • Tutoring

  • Afterschool activities

  • Legal Health 

  • Food and hunger assistance

  • Environmental advocacy

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Who are we serving?

Types of Service

  • Children and families

  • Immigrants

  • Refugees

  • Latinx Communities 

  • Teens

  • At-risk youth 

  • Ex- Convicts

  • Seniors 

  • Teen Mom's

  • Babies

  • People experiencing homelessness


  • Transgender

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Communities Served

2020-2021 Enroute Community Partners

Assisting a seeing impaired elder 

(click photo above for more information)