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Courses offered 2023-2024

1st Year Experience




-Being eloquent assumes one is mindful of the civic connection she has with her audience, & bases her words and actions on that unique, ethical relationship.




As the year progressed I noticed a transformation in myself and amongst my classmates. Instead of simply serving, and possibly even serving for selfish reasons, we were learning how to serve effectively, and because it was the right thing to do. We realized that the people we worked with were also serving us.

--Billy Hansen 



3333 Regis Boulevard | Denver, CO 80221

En/Route: A Full-Year Experience

En/Route combines learning in community and in academia to create a First-Year Experience that explores the meaning service in our everyday lives.  


All incoming students in Regis College enroll in a first-year writing seminar in the fall semester. In the spring, students from this seminar stay together as a cohort to take a course in the core curriculum. In addition to its disciplinary focus, this class emphasizes various kinds of oral communication. This broad emphasis on written and oral skills in the First-Year Experience is an expression of 

the Jesuit ideal of eloquentia perfecta (“perfected eloquence”), or the good person writing and speaking well. In practical terms, the En/Route First Year Experience takes place in four linked courses over two semesters. These courses are: 

FALL 2023

Writing for Social Justice

Life Stories

The writing seminar in the fall.


Service/Community-Based Learning A

A one credit, paracurricular module.


Philosophical Explorations

A core curriculum course in the spring with an added emphasis on Communication. 


Service/Community-Based Learning B

A one credit, paracurricular module

Course Snapshots

Writing Analytically: Writing for Social Justice (Fall)


In "Writing for Social Justice" we consider texts written by authors who use social analysis as a platform for advocacy. We explore the alignment between writing for others and service to others; these ideas come together in the research paper and integrate the broader course goal of tracing connections between academic life at Regis and life in and beyond the city of Denver.

Philosophical Explorations (Spring)

Building on the work in "Writing for Social Justice" and "Life Stories," the spring semester’s “Philosophical Explorations” focuses on texts that help us to be more responsive to the central question of Regis University: how ought we to live? We will consider, in particular, places in your service experience where you have especially felt the force of this question in your own life.

Service and Community-Based Learning (Fall and Spring)

The "Service/Community-Based Learning" course houses a 3-4 hour per week commitment at a single service-learning placement site for the academic year, plus a weekly discussion session devoted to placement experience. In "Service/Community Based Learning," you are evaluated both semesters by your placement supervisors on the basis of a Learning-Work Agreement, and by your professors on the quality of your contributions to discussions involving shared reflection, deliberation, and discernment. 

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