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Annunciation is a small, multicultural, faith-based learning community with a 125-year legacy in the Cole neighborhood of Denver. At Annunciation, children from Early Childhood Education through 8th grade are inspired, challenged, and supported to develop as curious learners, expand their understanding of the world, uncover their unique gifts, build strong character, and become good people who realize their potential. As a Catholic Teaching for Transformation (TFT) school, Annunciation seeks to redefine Catholic education through innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and we are committed to offering this high-quality education to all who seek it, regardless of family income.

Responsibilities & Expectations For Non-Teaching Staff:

Joy- Joyful, loving interactions with all and unconditional positive regard for everyone.

Positive Relations- Maintenance of appropriate, compassionate, supportive, and productive relationships with all students, parents, & colleagues to create a joyful work environment.

Professionalism- Kind, respectful, appropriate, & timely communication (in person, email, and otherwise) and careful attention to all professional responsibilities (i.e. checking one’s office mailbox, professional dress, sending things home with students,
turning things into office, etc)

Supervision- Prompt arrival and active supervision for all scheduled tasks, duties, and transitions before, during, and after the school day throughout the building.

School Policies- Support for and enforcement of all school policies laid out in the handbook, i.e. uniform, tardy policy, attendance, appropriate student behavior, etc.

Discipline- Adherence to shared and commonly established discipline policies, and follow-through in their proper enforcement.

Stewardship- Proper care of all school resources, technology, classroom materials, and school spaces

Annunciation Catholic School

Committed to serve, learn, and love

Position: ”Just Kids” Volunteer

(Before and/or After School Care Program)

A ‘Just Kids’ volunteer is a valued helper and support person in the ‘Just Kids’ After School Program. A volunteer should take their daily instructions from the ‘Just Kids’ activities coordinator or another member of the ‘Just Kids staff. In the absence of
direct instructions from a staff member, all volunteers are expected to take initiative and get involved in whatever way they see would be helpful.


In general, a volunteer will help with leading activities, running games, overseeing homework time, and supervising all students in the ‘Just Kids’ After School Program.


Responsibilities include:

-Supervision of Students: Watch over all students during after school care to ensure engagement, safety, and appropriate behavior, reporting all issues and concerns to a paid ‘Just Kids’ staff member.

-Leading Structured Programming: Leading planned and structured activities with groups of students: engaging and academically rich activities, fun and inclusive games, and structured play time each morning and afternoon.

-Engaging Appropriately with Students: Actively and appropriately engaging with students, getting to know them, helping them with homework, playing with them in the gym, and building a positive relationship. All volunteer are expected to maintain appropriate boundaries and exhibit mature adult behavior in all of their interactions with students and other staff members.

-Taking Initiative Proactively: Finding ways to help out and get involved, especially if no ‘Just Kids’ staff member is available to give specific instructions. We ask that all volunteers find needs and fill them, even if not given explicit instructions (i.e. sitting
to the side and awaiting instructions is not adequate).

-Challenging Themselves to Put Children First: Constantly reminding themselves that they are here first for the children. All volunteers must challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zone and engage meaningfully with kids (i.e. sitting to the side or chatting with one’s volunteer friends is not acceptable)

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