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Boys and girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

Wilfley Branch 





The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is to inspire and enable young people, especially those who need it most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. Sixteen safe, positive neighborhood centers and a residential summer camp provide after school, weekend and summer programs for young people between the ages of 6-18 years old. The George M. Wilfley Club opened in 2000 to serve the children of Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood. 

Boys and Girls Club - Wilfley Branch

Boys & Girls Club, Wilfley Branch

4595 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211




Distance from Regis: 2.3 miles

By Bike: 11 minutes                    

By Car: 6 minutes                      

By Bus: #52/ 10 minutes

About The Boys & Girls Club - Wilfley Branch

                                               Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver work to

                                               transform and inspire the lives of all Club

                                               members to strengthen the communities that

                                               need us most. Not just after school hangouts,

                                               the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver are

                                               places where young people come to learn, do

                                               homework, develop social skills, express

                                               themselves creatively, and participate in sports.

                                               Boys & Girls Clubs offer proven programs that

                                               help youth gain the developmental assets they

                                               need to succeed in life.

Students working with the Boys

& Girls Clubs will have the option

of choosing between one of the

six program areas with one

student per program area.

A maximum of three (3) students will

be allowed to select this site for the

2016-2017 academic school year.


The six Core Programs Areas include:

character and leadership development; education and career

development; technology; the arts; health and life skills; and sport, fitness and recreation. You will work directly with the full time staff to develop and implement activities designed to develop young people into educated, empowered young adults


  • Characteristics in a student: Professional Conduct, Passionate, Dedicated to Continuous Improvement, Committed, and Dependable.

  • Additional requirements/paperwork: 1.5 Volunteer Training (counts towards weekly hours, Background Check included)

  • Placement Availability: Monday-Friday afternoons & evenings

How You Can Serve.

About the Sunnyside Neighborhood

                                                               Before any major housing

                                                               development occurred in Sunnyside,

                                                               the area west of Pecos Street was

                                                               occupied by small truck farms,

                                                               orchards and undeveloped land. In

                                                               1879, the northeast corner of the

                                                               neighborhood was incorporated as

                                                               the town of Argo. As a "company

                                                               town," Argo was settled primarily by

                                                               Swedes who worked at the smelter and by others who worked for the Moffatt Railroad.


Sunnyside became a part of Denver through three annexations. The first two occurred under the Colorado Session Laws of 1883 and 1889. The third took place when the town of Argo was dissolved and merged with Denver in 1902. AS a result, the housing in Sunnyside is a mix of many types, ages and style of architecture. Most of the oldest housing is found east of Pecos Street.


For more information about the Sunnyside neighborhood, please see the Piton Foundation website for a detailed description & statistics about the community there.



Source: The Piton Foundation's Sunnyside Neighborhood Description. 

For More Information, Contact...

Ms. Yvonne Taylor, Branch Director  


Phone: 303.477.5912

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