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Bridge Project

Bridge Project at Quigg-Newton 





The Bridge Project strives to help children and youth living in Denver's public housing neighborhoods to achieve their academic potential and graduate from high school with the resources necessary to succeed as adults. This Bridge is built of people; everyone is welcome. We strive to be the best built bridge, the premiere program offering excellent After School, Adult, Summer, and Scholarship opportunities.

Bridge Project at Quigg-Newton

Bridge Project at Quigg-Newton

4558 Navajo St

Denver, CO 80211




Distance from Regis: 2.3 miles

By Bike: 11 minutes                    

By Car: 6 minutes                      

By Bus: #52/ 10 minutes

About The Bridge Project at Quigg-Newton

                                               The Bridge Project’s mission is to provide

                                               educational opportunities for children living in

                                               four of Denver’s public housing neighborhoods

                                               (Quigg-Newton, Lincoln Park, Columbine and

                                               Westwood) so they can graduate from high

                                               school and attend college or learn a trade. 

                                               While Bridge Project can place volunteers at any

                                               of our sites, the Quigg-Newton location is

                                               ideally located near Regis University.  Each site

                                               has a team of social workers and educators

                                               working to support children and their families.  We provide tutoring, homework assistance and family support, computer literacy and STEM instruction, and social enrichment.

Confronted with cultural,

language and economic

challenges, our children struggle

in academic settings and are often

one or more years behind in

reading and math.  They are bright

and want to learn, but need extra

assistance making sense of it all. 

We need tutors to work one-on-one

with an assigned K-12 student for an

hour (or more) each week, from September to May.  We also need

homework helpers who work with any student needing assistance during set homework hours. 


  • Characteristics in a student: Enjoys building strong and long-term relationships with children; Finds Joy in Working with Children.

  • Additional requirements/paperwork: Volunteer orientation, tutor training and background check.

  • Placement Availability: Monday-Friday afternoons & evenings

How You Can Serve.

About the Sunnyside Neighborhood

                                                               Before any major housing

                                                               development occurred in Sunnyside,

                                                               the area west of Pecos Street was

                                                               occupied by small truck farms,

                                                               orchards and undeveloped land. In

                                                               1879, the northeast corner of the

                                                               neighborhood was incorporated as

                                                               the town of Argo. As a "company

                                                               town," Argo was settled primarily by

                                                               Swedes who worked at the smelter and by others who worked for the Moffatt Railroad.


Sunnyside became a part of Denver through three annexations. The first two occurred under the Colorado Session Laws of 1883 and 1889. The third took place when the town of Argo was dissolved and merged with Denver in 1902. AS a result, the housing in Sunnyside is a mix of many types, ages and style of architecture. Most of the oldest housing is found east of Pecos Street.


Source: The Piton Foundation's Sunnyside Neighborhood Description. 

For More Information, Contact ...

Phuong Phan, MSW

Program & Community Partnerships Director

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