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Community Educational Outreach





Community Educational Outreach (CEO) is a Colorado Front Range non-profit devoted to providing educational resources that target low-income adults who may be at risk of being institutionalized. CEO outreaches to local community correction, drug rehabilitation, and community based facilities in an effort to help clients remain productive members of society.  

Community Educational Outreach (CEO)


1651 Kendall St,

Lakewood, CO 80214




Distance from Regis: 5.4 miles

By Bike: 31 minutes                    

By Car: 13 minutes                    

By Bus: #31 to #28 / 48 minutes  

About Community Educational Outreach (CEO)

Community Educational Outreach (CEO) is devoted to providing educational resources that target at-risk, low-income adults. CEO outreaches to local community correction, drug rehabilitation, and community-based facilities in an effort to help clients remain productive members of society. Through student-centered, individual, and small-group instruction, we assist our students in pursuing educational skills, employment and job prospects, computer skills, and life and family goals. 

How You Can Serve.

At CEO, you can serve by tutoring one-on-one in the HS (high-school equivalency) program. This could include tutoring in Math, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Sundays we need help with our "open-lab”; grading student’s guided practices and reviewing Math and Language lessons. We would also be able to directly assist in daily operations of a nonprofit; including a variety of administrative tasks.

  • Characteristics in a student: Composure in High-Energy Environment, Flexible, Independent, Consistent, Reliable. CEO wants to stress the importance of self-starting in this organization.

  • Additional requirements/paperwork: Volunteer Application, Mandatory 2-hour Orientation, Background Check, Online PREA training, and Hour Tracking Form

  • Placement availability: CEO can enlist a maximum of 4 students per semester. Students must be able to tutor at least once a week for a 2-hour session Monday – Friday (8-11:30 am or 6-8 pm)

  • Web resources:


About Lakewood

Lakewood is Colorado’s fifth-largest city. We are part of Jefferson County,   a hub for new energy and technology companies and organizations. Lakewood has more than 144,000 residents and covers approximately 45 square miles.  Surrounded by several leading universities and research facilities, Lakewood has one of the most highly educated workforces in the country, with 36 percent of our residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Lakewood is a community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit with thriving small businesses: 87 percent of our businesses have fewer than 20 employees. Lakewood is also home to more than 7,000 federal employees and has the largest concentration of federal agencies outside of Washington D.C. They celebrate their great cultural diversity and have recently been awarded the prestigious national All-America City Award and the first-ever All-America City Diversity award for our inclusive spirit. 


Source: The City of Lakewood's Community Information Page.

For more information, contact:

April Thompson, Volunteer Coordinator


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