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~ Warren Village is the nationally recognized leader for moving people from poverty toward self-sufficiency

~ Warren Village exists so low-income, single-parent families can achieve sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency 



Warren Village was established in 1974 when citizens and business professionals saw an influx in the number of single-parent families struggling to subsist. These community members wanted to build a program that would give these families a chance at economic independence. Today, the singular purpose of Warren Village is to create opportunity and community to empower formerly homeless, low-income, single parents to change the trajectories of their lives and achieve sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency. It is Warren Village’s mission to help families achieve sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency.

Warren Village First Step expands the reach of the Warren Village mission by providing housing and supportive services to an additional 20 to 30 homeless families per year. Within an intentional communal housing environment, families focus on stability and incremental goals working towards sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency. Families are provided support during their one year residency with on-site case management, academic and career counseling, long-term housing navigation, and Life Skills Classes.

How to Serve

Evening Children’s Programming: crafts, games and supervision of children

Programming Needs Assessment Planning and Office/ Facility  assistance
             (Sensory path/hallway development, supply and pantry restocking, reorganizing supply storage spaces,  school/homework help with children, office assistance as needed)

Characteristics of students: ability to multitask, creative and/or artistic talents, compassionate, team player, ability to work independently.


Volunteer application and background check will be required through Warren Village

Warren Village

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