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Placement Process




The learning in service-learning begins with your active engagement in each of the following steps of the placement process.





My advice to all EnRoute students is to pick the service site they feel most passionate about, and to always keep your minds and heart open. 


--Riyam Al-Karkokliy



Coming in as a freshman, I had so many predisposed ideas about the world and others around me, but taking the steps to commit myself to solidarity and the truth about my own realities allowed me to reach beyond myself.”


--Michaela Dexter

3333 Regis Boulevard | Denver, CO 80221

What is the Placement Process?

When we say 'placement' in En/Route, we mean the agency or community partner 

where you'll fulfill the weekly service-learning component in the fall and spring semesters. The placement process—the process through which you choose, and are chosen by, an agency—takes place from now until September 18th, when placement work begins. Since the experience and knowledge you gain through community engagement will be an essential part of our academic work on campus both semesters, this placement process is an integral part of being en/route. 


Placement Research:

The details offered on this website about the placements, as well as the hyperlinks to further information, are your first glimpse at the work done by our community partners and your first opportunity to reflect on where you would like to do your placement work. So, head over to the "Our Community Partners" page to start researching. One important first step should be to find the partners that your schedule most accommodates. For example, if you know that your only free time will be Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon, make a list of each community partner that needs volunteers during those hours and then order them according to your interest and how well you feel you will fit the mission, work and requirements of that partner.


Town Meeting: through ZOOM

The purpose of this meeting is to introduce you to representatives from all of our partner agencies and deepen your understanding of the work they do. You will attend presentations by the three placements which most interest you. After each presentation, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of representatives from the agencies.


The discernment process offers you a period to consider the options for your participation with a community partner. In this process, we discuss your interests and goals, along with practical matters (like transportation, school schedules, other pertinent details) to identify an agency and partnership that will fit. During this period, you'll have an opportunity to speak with En/Route alumni, Engaged Scholar-Activists, faculty, and En/Route staff. 

Please sign up for a meeting to discuss your service plans with your in-class ESA after the Town Hall on Zoom

Letter of Interest:

As you complete the discernment process, you will send a formal letter of interest to the supervisor of the agency you think would be the best fit. These letters should be sent to appropriate contacts at your community partner between September 5th and September 13th.

Begin Service: Once your letter of interest is received by the representative at your community partner and you've been selected for work at the agency, you will begin your service work during the week TBD. You will work to complete a Learning-Work Agreement with your direct supervisor at the community partner. 

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