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Skinner Middle School





A proudly diverse community of learners, Skinner staff and students are engaged in a single-minded pursuit of high academic achievement for all, utilizing cooperation and collaboration as key strategies toward reaching that end. Our spotlight on the ‘whole child’ is evident as we offer not only superior Math and Literacy Instruction, but enrichment courses, activities, and community-building through our unique Learning Families.

Skinner Middle School

Skinner Middle School 

3435 W 40th Avenue

Denver, CO 80211




Distance from Regis: 1.3 miles

By Bike: 9 minutes                    

By Car: 5 minutes                      

By Bus: #31/ 19 minutes

About The Neighborhood Center at Skinner Middle School

                                               Skinner is a diverse community of learners

                                               engaged in a single-minded pursuit of high

                                               academic achievement for all, utilizing

                                               cooperation and collaboration as key strategies

                                               toward reaching that end. The spotlight on the

                                               ‘whole child’ is evident with not only superior

                                               Math and Literacy Instruction, but enrichment

                                               courses, activities, and community-building

                                               through unique Learning Families. The

                                               Neighborhood Center works in partnership with

                                               Skinner Middle School offering students, families, and community members a variety of engaging programs, events, and needed services. The Neighborhood Center at Skinner is resource not only for students but for families, too. This long-standing program hosts a number of student activities, from college/resource connecting, enrichment, to tutoring

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Students may be eligible to work

alongside teachers in a traditional

classroom, a STEM lab, or help

with a variety of after school clubs

and sports teams. Additionally,

students are needed to participate

in the Analyzing Career and College

Exploration for Student Success

(ACCESS) Program, a program that

helps Skinner students consider,

explore, and plan for their futures through guided lessons and off

campus field trips.  


Characteristics in a student: Passionate, Proactive, Flexible. Those who are proactive will do best in this environment! It is easy to adapt to the energy needed if you come to it with intentionality! 

Additional requirements/paperwork: Background check can be found here


Web resources: 

Further information about the ACCESS Program can be found here


Availability: After school programs take place Monday thru Friday from 3-5 pm. Daytime classroom hours dependent upon teacher needs.   

  • Skinner's Daily Class Schedule for Fall 2019 can be downloaded here

  • Skinner's Fall 2019 Calendar can be downloaded here

  • Skinner's Spring 2020 Calendar can be downloaded here

How You Can Serve.

About the Berkeley Neighborhood

                                                               In 1879, John Brisben Walker,

                                                               businessman and developer,

                                                               established Berkeley Farm, which

                                                               eventually encompassed over 1,500

                                                               acres. Berkeley Lake was developed

                                                        as a reservoir by the Rocky Mountain

                                                               Ditch Company on the northern

                                                               portion of the farm. Walker donated

                                                               fifty acres of his land to the Jesuits

                                                               who established Sacred Heart College, later Regis College, in 1887. In 1888, Walker's farm was purchased by a group of Kansas City investors who employed the real estate firm of Carleton Ellis and John McDonough to subdivide and sell the land.  William Lang was commissioned to design thirty-five houses for the development. Berkeley was advertised as a healthful suburb, free from the smoke and dust of the city, with plentiful water and convenient public transportation. In 1892, the mostly middle and working class residents of the community incorporated the town of North Denver, encompassing the acreage of Walker's farm. 


Source: The Piton Foundation's Berkeley Neighborhood Description

For More Information, Contact:

Nico Aragon

Main Office

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